Helping our kids through the weekend!

As the weekend,s close, and everyone is looking up to maximizing it all through,our kids should come to our mind on how to help them ,also maximize their own weekend to!

That means helping by guiding them all through it,so they grow up to get use to are a few tips.

*still help them get up ealy,so even during school days ,they don’t find it difficult.

*let them help with household chores,if u make them relax,not doing it becomes a habit and they give u excuses.

*take them out for a little fun activity, this can be a way of spending quality time togethee,since school day is busy for all.

*or watch their favourite t.v shows together with them , it is also spending time together.

Try to make them still go to bed early, eventhough it’s a weekend, so you don’t find it difficult during school days.(especially for teens).

Then remind and help them with any home or school work, it shouldn’t be the last thing on a sunday night, make it a habit.( for me i make it on friday evenings so we wouldn’t have to Start worrying over it later or even forget).

Finally make weekends,regular like school days ,but with a little more of fun and relaxation,so monday mornings won’t look and feel like hell.


Best regards and wishes,

Yours friend always.

Victoria ngozi ndah.


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