A recessive xmas.

A day to xmas, and everywhere looked so normal in my street,then i began to wonder to myself”is it as a result of the recession (in my country Nigeria)and i began to wonder to myself,how parents would pay the school fees as the new term arrived , after the holiday and this made my mouth dry just from the mere thought!and something struck me.Can we at least be greatful; for goodhealth,for having a job,and as l sat down to write this blog,in a full stomach,i reflected(i mean soberly)about those,with no body to spend this holiday with,then be greatful for a peaceful atmosphere which some crave for (such as syria)but can’t get,and i was encouraged even not for anything, at least be greatful for life,food,air we breath,job we are fortunate to have,homes too.and i told myself why worry about the recession, when you have all these and finally,i smiled and thought to myself,it’s not a bad xmas afterall and i do hope all of you out their feel the same too.”MERRY CHRISTMAS ” to all of you out there from me,the newest kid on the blog!  Thanks all out there who liked or commented on my post,this has really encouraged me to work hard to earn your love by writing better posts each time hopefully!


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